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wedding earrings, wedding earrings
A friend of mine suggested making a lot of crocheted flowers and joining them together. This is where my wonderful [URL=]flower girl dress[/URL] mother-in-law came in. She crocheted all of the flowers on the back of my dress. I know this was a very difficult job and a [URL=]vintage evening dresses[/URL] lot of work so it really meant a lot to me. The dress had chocolate brown silk underneath, the skirt was made out of light brown mesh and gathered in the style of a ballerina skirt. The bodice was a light brown/champagne colour silk. The final top layer of the skirt was a loose skirt made out of a very stiff chiffon. It looks a bit tea-stained and has many folds and lines in the fabric. Were any friends or family members involved with the wedding? As the entire wedding was a DIY wedding, the whole family jumped in C both my sister and sister-in-law came with their partners and helped make bunting flags, draping, origami birds etc. I am also very, very blessed with a lot of creative friends with many different talents. My one bridesmaid Angke is brilliant with all things decorative, so she did all the flowers for the wedding. Another bridesmaid C Hildegardt C and her jazz band played the music for the wedding and my best friend, a brilliant chef and artist, made the cake table. She baked and decorated everything herself. I just gave each of my bridesmaids different material in the same colour palette, and they?sewed their own dresses. All of this help meant that we were able to save a lot of money. The entire wedding was basically a DIY project. We made the [URL=]formal dresses and gowns[/URL] draping out of satin ribbons with rusted tins strung onto them, serving as flower pots. A lot of origami birds were folded to hang in all of the outside areas. We made bunting flags for the picnic area, as well as table cloths (that we didn t end up using). We even hand made the wedding invitations. Except for the venue staff and photographers, we used no professional help. Even my hair and make-up was done by a wonderful stylist friend [URL=]cheap wedding gowns[/URL] of mine, Nadja Seale. The best DIY project we did though, was the place mats. The place mats were small blackboards with each guest s name written [URL=]special occasion short dresses[/URL] on them. This then served as the gifts for the guests, not one single board was left behind! [URL=]special occasions dresses[/URL] And I am proud to say that Leon did the majority [URL=]cheap wedding dresses[/URL] of the handy work. It is wonderful to have someone who can make your ideas reality and never backs down from hard work. We originally wanted to have a picnic in a field, but had to come to grips with practicality. Our venue was a good second option, as they had a stunning picnic menu and picnic tables. Our wedding was at the Irene Dairy farm so the farm/country atmosphere became the theme. We are both very down to earth, laid back people and everything about the day reflected this. Leon is very passionate about Porches so I arrived in a 1968 white Porsche Targa and he arrived in his 1969 Targa, which was also the car we left in. The entire 2013 collection (and all past season favorites!) will be at Little White Dress from Friday, February 10th to Sunday, February 12th, for fanciful brides to find their [URL=][/URL] most amazing wedding gown.
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