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bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry
The time leading up to that fashion show was very stressful for me. I was a constant ball of anxiety, but I distinctly remember looking over at Leon one night in church and feeling a strong sense of calm and safety. I think that s when I knew. On Valentines weekend Leon left a bunch of flowers for me outside our front door. He was away in Nelspruit so it took quite a bit of organising. The following week we had our first official date. I was very impressed as no one has ever gone to so much trouble to court me. A few more dates followed and eventually in March he officially asked me out on a land cruiser, in the middle of the bushveld. How did he propose? Leon had to attend the annual air show in Cape Town for work in September. He asked me if I would like to [URL=][/URL] go with him and get away for a week. We stayed on a beautiful wine farm in Durbanville. [URL=]blue quinceanera dresses[/URL] Friday morning we decided to take a road trip to the West Coast. Leon did not want to plan anything that could potentially go wrong, so he wisely [URL=][/URL] made a proposal book (with the ring in it) that he carried around in a backpack waiting for the perfect moment to arrive. He bought a vintage book and in it wrote our story with photos and all. At the end of the [URL=]special occasion dresses for women[/URL] story there was a hole in the book with the ring inside. ?The first stop on our West Coast road trip was in Tietiesbaai. We sat on the rocks in the beautiful white bay and that was when Leon decided his moment had arrived. It was our anniversary, so I was told the book [URL=][/URL] was my anniversary gift. I was very surprised to find a ring inside, as I was under the impression that we were go ring shopping in the antique shops in Long Street the following day. Needless to say, I said yes. What was the highlight of your big day? Seeing everything for the first time after months of planning and dreaming is absolutely amazing. Any advice for brides-to-be ? I decided before the wedding that everything was not going to be perfect, and decided to make peace with the fact that I will have to compromise. This decision helped to avoid a great deal of disappointment. [URL=]outdoor wedding dresses[/URL] ? As for time saving tips, Leon made [URL=]lace wedding dresses[/URL] a monster of an Excel Spreadsheet with a very detailed planning and priority list. This included a Guest list with all the guests contact details, detailed budget etc. Any hints for other brides on how to keep [URL=]the celebrity dresses[/URL] your wedding budget friendly? When we initially set up our budget we over-budgeted for everything, but kept everything within the limits of our overall budget. This way, we provided for any unseen circumstances and we actually came in just under budget. What song did you choose for your opening dance and why? I made the dress myself, which helped a lot with budget. As a fashion designer, I have made many garments for other people C including wedding dresses C but I have never made anything for myself. I decided that since the dress is such a big part of who I am, it was time to make something for myself. I had always wanted a crocheted or knitted dress, but finding any crocheted or knitted fabric is near impossible.
Страницы: 1
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